Summer Heat Advisory

Shipments including heat-sensitive products (chocolates and peanut brittle) during the summer months require additional packaging precautions and care. Beginning in April and ending in October, orders that contain these products should also include an ice-pack. The ice pack option is added to every peanut snack, so you’ll have no trouble finding it.

If you do not choose to purchase an ice pack with your order, your snacks will most likely melt. For this reason, if you choose not to purchase an ice pack, we will call you to discuss your options.

Delivery Limitations

We can only ship heat-sensitive products to destinations within a 2-day delivery range. Please check the map below to determine if your destination address is feasible.

Fed EX Transit Map

Gift box Limitations

For gift boxes that normally include chocolates and peanut brittle, substitutions will be made for these heat-senstive products.