Q: Why have I never seen a peanut tree?
A: Peanuts do not grow on trees. In fact, peanuts are technically not nuts; they are legumes. Peanuts come from a small shrub-like plant with bright yellow blossoms. The plant itself is especially known for its ability to grow in soil that is relatively nitrate deficient. Peanuts are able to grow in this soil because of a symbiotic relationship with special nitrate-fixing bacteria, that produce nitrates from Nitrogen in the air.

Q: What is a Ferry peanut?
A: To our knowledge, there is no such thing as a “ferry” peanut. The name “Mackeys Ferry” was taken from a bit of local history. The Ferry was used by the Norfolk Railroad to carry train cars across the Albemarle Sound, specifically to and from Edenton, NC and Mackeys Landing.

Q: Why are your peanuts so much better than everyone else’s?
A: Aside from all of the care and attention that we give our products, we use a special variety of peanuts called ‘Virginia’ Peanuts which are grown mostly in Virginia and North Carolina. We believe these peanuts to have a far superior flavor to both Spanish peanuts and Georgia Runners, among others. Also, our peanuts are grown in North Eastern North Carolina, and a majority of the farmlands in this area were originally converted from highly fertile swamp land.

Q: Are you people Nuts?!?
A: No. We are, however, crazy—crazy about peanuts.

Q: Are peanuts gluten-free?
A: Yes! Peanuts are naturally gluten-free.